“Be brave and put yourself forward” - past winners explain why you should nominate or apply in #WRA23

Posted 2023

Deciding to take the step into nominating yourself (or someone else!) for any award can be daunting – so we asked some of our previous winners why potential nominees or colleagues should make that first step. Here’s what they had to say...

Krystle Skelton, Cura Financial Services

I would say go for it; you have nothing to lose! We are all doing an amazing job in a tough, still male-dominated industry and for women to get the recognition we deserve can only be a positive thing.

Kate Hedges, aConveyancing

Absolutely do it! You may think you don’t have a chance, but I thought the same. Sometimes you don’t see the value you have until others remind you and it’s life changing, whether it be for a minute, a month or the rest of your life. For a moment you feel untouchable, like you can achieve anything - and you can!

Eloise Hall, Kensington Mortgages

Showcasing and sharing the amazing work women do in our industry is hugely important. The Women’s Recognition Awards provides brilliant opportunity to highlight someone’s contribution and achievements in our industry.

Rachel East, Key Group

Do it! I have been nominated and shortlisted a couple of times, and just that in itself is a great feeling. As a woman, to be recognised in this industry is very exciting and proof that we are making a difference.

Tracey Evans, Progeny

Just do it! We often underestimate how great it is to be part of this inclusive event celebrating women and their achievements.

Andrew Montlake, Coreco

Definitely go for it: the more trailblazers and female talent we have the more it will encourage the next generation.

Ann-Marie Atkins, Evelyn Partners

It can make a huge difference and give a brilliant team member the uplift they sometimes need away from normal working practices!

Beth Jones, Hodge

If you're thinking of applying, do it, if you're thinking of nominating, please don't hesitate. You can really make someone's day by taking a few minutes out and recognising the hard work that they do. The women in our industry work tirelessly and achieve big, we should all be happy to shout loud about it.

Emma Roberts, Connect for Intermediaries

If the person deserves to win and can evidence what they bring to our amazing industry, then do it. Successes should be celebrated amongst the industry, and we should have pride in what we do.

Marie Catch, L&G Home Finance

Go for it! Be brave and put yourself forward. If you are nominating someone else, don't hesitate as it could have such a positive personal impact on them.

Lauren Fuller, NatWest

Do it! I always repeat the famous line from #IAmRemarkable - it's not bragging if it's based on facts! My ask would be - don't wait for someone to recognise you if you feel ready to apply. Unless you’re someone who’s really great at talking about your achievements or self-promotion in the office, the chances are people aren't always aware of the great things you're doing day in, day out. No one can speak better for you than yourself. However, if you are a line manager, mentor, sponsor or just a really great colleague and recognise someone going above and beyond it takes only a few minutes of your time to nominate someone and it can offer them an amazing platform and open doors for them too. By holding yourself back you'll never know if 2023 is the year for you!

Christine Newell, Paradigm Mortgage Services

I would say don't be afraid to do it. We can be inhibited by our modesty but sometimes we need to shout loud about our achievements and put ourselves forward to be recognised.

Roz Cawood, Hope Capital

Don't hesitate. The support at these awards is so inclusive and unlike any others. It’s an honour and a privilege to nominate and be nominated.

Cerys Williams, Sero

Go for it! Women deserve to be applauded- not simply for being women, but for their inspiring achievements.

Answers have been edited for clarity and length.